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Sagar Lama

Sagar Lama

Executive Director

Sagar Lama, also known as Yonten Gyatso, hails from the Humla district of Nepal and holds an undergraduate degree in Business Studies from Kathmandu’s Tribhuvan University. He has worked as a research associate for several international organizations, including the International Center for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD), India-China Institute (ICI), The New School University, Colorado University, Oslo University, and Cambridge University. Additionally, he has served as a research assistant to esteemed international scholars, such as Prof. Emily Ting Yeh, Prof. Ashok Gurung, Prof. Kevin Bubriski, Pasang Sherpa, Astrid Hovden, Riamsara Kuyakanon Knapp, Aditya Eggert, and David Citrin, and has extensively traveled the Himalayan regions of Nepal.

Sagar is fluent in Nepali, Tibetan, English, and Hindi languages. His fascination with the natural beauty of the Himalayas and the culture developed based on the environment and ecology has led him to venture into tourism entrepreneurship. Having witnessed firsthand the poverty and inaccessibility prevalent in various parts of the Himalayan regions of Nepal, he strongly believes that tourism is the key to ending these hardships.

Yangjen Lama

Yangjen Lama


Yangjen Lama grew up in a remote mountain village of Dhinga (lakha) in the Namkha Rural Municipality of Humla district of mid-west Nepal. After graduating 10th standard, she moved to Kathmandu for further studies and holds a degree in international business management and was likely to pursue her career in the banking sector, however, things changed when she realized that she had no greater passion than traveling and exploring nature and new cultures.

So, in 2018 Ms. Lama tied up with smiling eyes international travel and tours as a co-owner to provide authentic travel experiences in the Himalayas to fellow traveler like her. She is very fluent in Tibetan, Nepali, Hindi, and English. She had more than three-year experience in herbal and handicrafts business. She is more in the office working on sales and looking after the daily operation.

Tenzing  Lama

Tenzing Lama

General Manager

Tenzing Lama, a nature lover and amateur travel enthusiast originated from remote Dukchhulung valley, located in the mid-west region of Humla districts which is the nearest gateway to the Mount Kailash. Mr. Lama is a researcher and he was also awarded conservation projects entitled “Building Local Capacities for Wildlife Conservation in Namkha Region, Humla District, Nepal” by Rufford Foundation UK in 2018. He holds B.Sc. in Forestry from the Tribhuvan University of Nepal. He has extensive field-based research experience working in the field of wildlife research, mountain community, tourism, and conservation in Nepal. He had traveled across the Himalayan regions of Nepal and other countries. He focuses on wildlife sighting treks and exploring hidden culture in the remote Himalayas. He believes tourism can be a key gateway to raising awareness and fostering positive behavior change for biodiversity conservation.

Yangjom Lama

Yangjom Lama

Hospitality and Cultural Tour Manager 

With extensive experience in the cultural and hospitality sectors, Yangjom has a proven track record of effective management and marketing expertise. After completing her SLC, she developed a strong interest in Nepal’s tourism and culture, leading her to begin her career by promoting awareness of local culture and traditions to the people of Humla. In 2011, she worked as a hospitality facilitator and housekeeper at Nepal Trust Guest House in Simikot, Humla.

At 34 years old, she was inspired to start her own business and built Tak-Drong Lodge and Restaurant in Salli Khola. This location serves as a popular tourist trail junction, primarily for Limi Valley, Mount Siapal, and Kailash, Tibet. In 2018, she joined Smiling Eyes International Travels and Tours Company as a consultant for hospitality and cultural tour operations. Yangjom possesses a deep understanding of highland mountain culture and society and is dedicated to promoting tourism and local culture through hospitality and travel businesses.

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