Tobias Sauter

BY admin ON 29th May 2023

Tobias Sauter

In October 2022, I was the scientific leader of an expedition in the Limi region whose logistics were organised by Smiling Eyes. Sagar and his team organised this difficult mission in an impressively professional and uncomplicated manner. From the arrival in Kathmandu to the domestic flights and the coordination with the locals, we always felt very well taken care of.

It was very helpful that Sagar and his team come from the region and thus not only know the language but also the locals personally. This was essential for the successful implementation of the field campaign. Local knowledge was fundamental for the safety and implementation of the field campaign. Even though we had to reschedule things due to the bad weather, Sagar always found the best possible alternative. I will continue to use the services of Smiling Eyes for our scientific field campaigns, but also for my private expeditions in Nepal. Many thanks to Sagar and his team.

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