Yangjom Lama

BY admin ON 26th Apr 2023

Yangjom Lama

With extensive experience in the cultural and hospitality sectors, Yangjom has a proven track record of effective management and marketing expertise. After completing her SLC, she developed a strong interest in Nepal’s tourism and culture, leading her to begin her career by promoting awareness of local culture and traditions to the people of Humla. In 2011, she worked as a hospitality facilitator and housekeeper at Nepal Trust Guest House in Simikot, Humla.

At 34 years old, she was inspired to start her own business and built Tak-Drong Lodge and Restaurant in Salli Khola. This location serves as a popular tourist trail junction, primarily for Limi Valley, Mount Siapal, and Kailash, Tibet. In 2018, she joined Smiling Eyes International Travels and Tours Company as a consultant for hospitality and cultural tour operations. Yangjom possesses a deep understanding of highland mountain culture and society and is dedicated to promoting tourism and local culture through hospitality and travel businesses.

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