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Smiling Eyes International Travel and Tour Pvt. Ltd. is a highly reputable trekking company that offers sustainable tourism while working in cooperation with local indigenous people. The company is fully responsible and committed to preserving the natural beauty and cultural heritage of the regions they operate in.

One of the unique features of Smiling Eyes International Travel and Tour is the emphasis they place on sustainable tourism. This means that they take a long-term approach to tourism that minimizes negative impacts on the environment and local communities. Instead, they focus on creating positive impacts by supporting the local economy and promoting cultural understanding.

What sets Smiling Eyes International Travel and Tour apart from other trekking companies is their close relationship with local indigenous people. By working closely with these communities, they are able to provide an authentic experience that respects the culture and traditions of the region. This also allows them to provide a unique perspective on the local history, wildlife, and geography.

Overall, Smiling Eyes International Travel and Tour is a top choice for anyone interested in sustainable tourism and trekking in Nepal. With their commitment to responsible tourism, expertise in trekking, and close relationships with local communities, they provide an unforgettable experience for all travelers.

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